The Inspired Clicks Team

Life's too short to hold a grudge or hold on to things that don't matter. However it's still worth holding on to moments that make one smile. What better way to do that than go clicking. Browse our teams' profile (below), our work, our shoots et all. If you think you want to hold on to moments you cherish - write to us or catch us on our facebook page for Inspired Clicks.


Chief Believer

An IT Transitions Architect by profession - A cycling addict and a runner wannabe - I love to ride, paddle, write and click photographs. I am constantly experimenting and doing crazy stuff.


Chief of Operations

A Cyber Security Passionate - I deal in brand marketing and business expansion - a photographer by choice and inspired by nature to click anything beautiful in the world.


Chief 'Dream'atologist

A techie by profession, continuing my passion of photography without ditching the corporate life. Capturing nature in camera has taken me to mountains, rivers, and roads less travelled.


Chief Illusionist

A Project Manager by profession but a clear artist by heart. He loves clicking and loves perfecting the memories even more with his post prod skills. He exudes patience and experience.


Creative Head

A Software Developer by profession - I love to paint, dance and anything that simulates my creative mind. Like to click but love getting clicked :) Thrive to find creativity in the most unusual things.


The Creator of Opportunities

A Sales Consultant by profession, I believe in understanding the prospects' requirements, helping them identify the challenges and accordingly mapping a perfect solution to fit their needs.


The Monochrome Guru

A software engineer by profession, I carry a passion to capture the feeling which generates the ultimate human sentiments and portray them through a photograph.

*We can help arrange for equipment & people that make the memories even better. If you need a studio, lights, technicians, models, stylists, can't move your products around & need us to get a make shift studio to your doorstep - we begin working on it on the word go. Please note we are not a model or a studio agency - It's all done on best effort basis.